I-FinTech Solutions is a bespoke Investment Advisory Firm focused on  alternative financial solutions based on Islamic principles.

Our name is inspired by the evolution of technology, we pursue to integrate financial and technological solutions, guided by sound fundamentals to serve both the ethical and Islamic financial industry.

Our strategic partnerships and alliances in the Islamic finance industry from South East Asia to the Middle East and Africa allows us to offer Advisory services for Islamic and Ethical Financial Practices and Implementations.

Our Vision

  • Our primary focus is to explore financial solutions with broader social econ-omic impact and inclusiveness.
  • Combining contemporary digital solutions with classical principles is at the forefront of our philosophy.

Our Mission

  • IFTS’s in partnership with Digital Lab main focus is to empower and support the development and growth of the Islamic finance industry in African French-speaking countries by helping
  • Financial Institutions to understand and implement Islamic financial products

Our Team

He is currently a Managing Partner at I-FinTech Solutions, an Islamic Finance vehicle based in Tunisia in service of the local market primarily. Mohamed Anouar is also the Founder of The International Islamic Finance Training Institute (IIFTI). He is also a shari’ah Board member of Amana Takaful company and Zitouna Tamkeen (1st Islamic Micro-finance institution in the North African region). He is the Chief Executive Officer of I-Trust Ruby Investment Advisers (Hong Kong & Singapore) and is primarily in-charge of general decision-making and particularly the custodian of the firms Shari’ah compatibility. He has relevant experience in Islamic finance with placements at the International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA) in Malaysia as Research Assistant and Consultant and a brief innings at BNP Paribas “Najmah” in Malaysia.

Mr. Mohamed Anouar Gadhoum (PhD)

CEO & Founder
Ms. Maryem has an experience of 18 years in compliance, governance and risk. She was the Chief Compliance Officer of Qatar National Bank (QNB) and Zitouna Bank. She acted as an internal controller and responsible of compliance in Caisse d’Epargne (French Bank) and Groupe BPCE. She was the head of risk project (Basel 2) and consultant in Basel 2 with Credit Agricole Group (France). Ms. Meryem is a trainer certified by World bank in Corporate Governance (2014), certified Islamic Specialist in Risk Management (2013), certified Islamic Specialist in Shariah Auditing and islamic Banking (2012). Ms. Meryem recently was the Operational manager of VITALIS: the representative of MEGA & FICO (in North Africa) the pioneers integrators and credit & risk scoring. Ms. Meryem is currently the Chairman of the Tunisian association of compliance officers. She is the consultant of many international financial institutions and regulators. She studied in France and got her Master in Finance and Governance from IAE-Dijon.

Ms. Meriam Baati

Head of Consultancy & Training Depts
Lina is the executive assistant of International Islamic Finance Training Institute (IIFTI) since its inception. Lina is a bachelor graduate in islamic Finance from ISET university. She had an internship experience with a couple of financial institution such as Baraka Bank and Zitouna Bank as well as with reputable cabinet such as Al-IMTITHAL: a cabinet of consultancy and training in Islamic Finance.

Mme. Lina Ben Brahim

Executive Assistant
Elhem Torki is the executive assistant in the International Islamic Finance Training Institute (IIFT). Elhem holds a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Finance from the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Radès (ISET) and an English diploma from the British Council. Ms Torki has several working experiences and internships in different financial institutions namely the Tunisian Central Bank, Banque Zitouna and Société Tunisienne de Banque (STB). These previous work experiences allowed her to deal with banking operations not only from a theoretical approach but also from a practical approach.

Mme. Elhem Torki

Assistant to Consultancy & training Depts
Mohamed Yassine Khouildi is an assistant in the research and development department and the project manager of the second edition of SAIFI. Mohamed Yassine holds a Professional Master’s degree of science in Islamic Banking and Finance from the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), he also holds a bachelor’s degree in Law, economics and management from Paris-Sorbonne University (PSUAD). Mr. Khouildi has done some internships which allowed him to gain some experience in several sectors mainly Finance and Marketing.

Mr. Mohamed Yassine Khouildi

Project Coordinator

Our Consultants

Dr. Abdessatar has an experience of 28 years. He is actually the Secretary General of the International Islamic Centre for Reconciliation & Arbitration (IICRA) in Dubai from 2006. He worked as a legal Advisor to the IDB since its establishment till 2006. He also acted as a legal consultant to the Arab Tunisian and the Tunisian Saudian Bank. Dr. Abdessatar is sitting in several shari’ah board of reputable financial institution such as Zitouna bank, Islamic Bank of Senegal, Islamic Bank of Niger, Islamic bank Guinee, etc. In addition to the trainings and the capacity building programs he provides to ICD’s entities and Kuwait Central bank, Dr. Abdessatar was part of the committee translating the AAOIFI standards into French. He also was the team leader and lawyer of the mission of elaboration of Law draft on islamic insurance "Takaful” and legal and regulatory framework of the Islamic banking activity in Djibouti (in french). Dr. Khouildi holds a PHD and Master in Civil Law from Aix-En-Provence university (France) and Master. He also has another master (DEA) in potical science from Mediterranean societies (France).

Dr. Abdessatar Khouildi

Senior-Consultant (Shari’ah & Law)
Experienced banker who occupied senior positions with international banking groups operating in North Africa, particularly for the launch and the development of their affiliates in the region (Tunisia, Algeria, Libya): Citibank Tunis (9 years), ABC Tunis, affiliate of the Bahrain-based ABC Group (6 years), Algeria Gulf Bank (affiliate of the Kuwaiti Group Kipco), General Manager of First Gulf Libyan Bank (the first JV in Libya with an international banking group), implementation of the Libyan Qatari Bank (Islamic Bank). During the last 4 years (July 2013 – June 2017), Salem Bessaoud headed Banque Tuniso-Libyenne, as Chairman & General Manager. BTL is a commercial bank equally owned by the Tunisian State and the Libyan Foreign Bank. Today, Salem Bessaoud is the Managing Director of “Valoris Consulting”, a cabinet specialized in finance and management for financial institutions and corporate groups. He is also Expert-Consultant with the French Banking Federation on its training programs in Africa (French & English speaking countries), and Member of the “Council of the Competition”, a consultative Authority composed of experts working for the Tunisian Government. Dr. Salem held a PHD and Master from Dauphine University (France) and an MBA from HEC (Tunisia).

Dr. Salem Bessaoud

Senior-Consultant (Risk & LM)
Dr. Chihab has an experience of 24 years in auditing and accounting. He is the financial auditor of many conventional and Islamic banks in Africa, such as Zitouna, STUSID, Tunisian Libyan Bank, National Agriculture Bank, etc. Dr. Chihab is also auditor of a couple of insurance and re-insurance companies such as Attakafulia, TunisRe. Dr. Chihab is the co-founder of the Tunisian Takaful standards in French language.

Dr. Chihab Ghanmi

Senior-Consultant (Audit & Accounting)
He is a senior researcher at International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA). He received his bachelor’s degree in Islamic Science (Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh) from the University of Algiers, his masters in Quran and Sunnah from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), his PhD in Islamic Law & Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh and Usul Fiqh) From IIUM and a diploma in Human Sciences from the same university. Prior to joining ISRA as a senior researcher, he worked as a lecturer at the Islamic Science University of Malaysia from 2003 to 2004, and was an assistant professor and associate professor at the Department of Islamic Law (Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws) IIUM from 2004 to 2009. Dr. Said is the editor-in-chief of ISRA International Arabic Refereed Journal for Islamic Finance. He is the Chairman for the Shariah Advisory Committee for Affin Islamic Bank and a Shariah committee member of MNRB Retakaful. Dr. Said has published three books, four chapters in books and several articles in refereed journals. He has also presented several papers in international conferences including the International Fiqh Academy of the OIC and the Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Muslim World League. He supervised several PhD candidates and was appointed as external examiner for masters and PhD theses. He also developed the curricula for four courses at IIUM and conducted many training sessions in Islamic banking and finance.

Dr. Said Bouheraoua

Senior Consultant
Teacher, trainer and Senior consultant since 15 years in marketing, management, corporate communication and interpersonal communication. Since 2015, H.Horchani is a certified consultant by the GIZ under the IDEE program which aims at the support of some Tunisian SMEs in the reinforcement of their competition and their business trough the transfer of the modern marketing and management methods She got a large experience in the field thanks to her teaching marketing and entrepreneurship for 12 years at university. She has helped a lot of students and young entrepreneurs in their business plans and in the validation of their business model canevas. Since 2003, Mrs Horchani has conducted hundreds hours of training in selling and communication techniques, leadership, time management, conflict settlement, … as well as an important number of themes for different national and international companies and organizations (GIZ, Bayahi Group, Boujbal Group, Slama Group, AMI-DEAST, Avocats sans Frontieres, ENDA NGO and ALWANE NGO…) Ms. Hanen is also a certified practitioner in NLP neuro linguistic program from the American NLP Academy (NLPAA) and has been an individual and professional coach in addition to her competence in being a certified expert in behavioral and profiling tool disc Assessment 24/7.

Ms. Hanen Horchani

Communication & Leadership

Our Services

Bank Conversion (implementation of Islamic windows) :

IT System :

  • Implementation of IT systems
  • IT System Optimization
  • Synergies for Islamic Windows (S4IW)
  • End-to-End Banking Solution (TCO; ROI)

Financial Technology Engeneering 

  • Products Structuring
  • Asset & Liability Management (ALM): platforms’ Creation & Implementation

GRC : (GovernanceRisk management – compliance) :

  • Risk Mapping for Insurance Companies
  • Assistance in the compliance function
  • Diagnosis of the Compliance and Evaluation system
  • Development of tools for the governance systems
  • Choice of tools relating to financial security in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • Documentations (Governance, Risk, and Compliance Framework)
  • Development of Procedural Manuals.
  • The Research and Development department (R&D) is  the engine of innovation of I-FinTech Solutions Company.
  • The activity of this Lab covers all the necessary components to support   the projects and the digital transformation of our customers:

Operational Advice and Business Expertise / IT Consulting:

  • Support financial institutions and corporates for their  digital transformation
  • Provide sectorial or methodological expertise, on the business lines and operational projects
  • Assume end-to-end responsibility for the projects entrusted

Support for projects:

  • Taking in charge the overall or part of the life cycle of a project
  • Define and take charge of the governance, or the piloting of a project
  • To position itself as a partner, by bringing a panel of varied organizations, around modes governed, packages, service centers.

Integration of software solutions:

  • To propose software solutions adapted to the needs and the context of each company.
  • Support the integration of solutions by addressing the business, functional and technical dimensions while mastering the end-to-end management of the implementation.

Technological expertise:

  • Provide targeted technological expertise, driving agile and digital transformations of companies.
  • Strengthen project teams and secure delivery with experienced profiles.
  • To propose innovative and open modes of co-operation.

Digital Communication

IFTS has an IT department that provides you with several services, namely:

  • Digital Communication Strategy Consulting
  • The development of web marketing solutions
  • Digital reputation management
  • Conception and realization of digital marketing solutions
  • Digital Marketing Training

IFTS in collaboration with the IHE (institute of advanced studies - AACSB Business School) created in 2017 an entity (IIFTI) which intervenes in the field of Islamic Finance, and whose goal is the contribution to the reinforcement of the human capital for the development of the Islamic financial sector in the Francophone Africa region.

IFTS provides through its sister company IIFTI: International Islamic Finance Training Institute, training services designed primarily for the staff of financial institutions.

The courses offered by IIFTI are based on the ABL (Action Based Learning) method and cover different topics, namely:

  • Islamic Finance
  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • Governance
  • Takaful
  • Arbitration and reconciliation
  • Shari'ah

Certain Executive Programs are through collaboration with other leading organisations in the industry such as INCEIF (The Executive Center for  Islamic Finance- Malayisa) and ISRA (The International Shari’ah Research Academy For islamic Finance) and most programs are designed for both Operational and Senior Management levels.

We also provide other capacity building programs, such as : Board of Directors and Top Management programs, Capacity Building sessions, and Islamic Banker’s Certificate.

In order to promote the Islamic financial industry, I-FinTech Solution regularly organizes seminars to strengthen the range of services it offers.


In order to launch its subsidiary corporation, IIFTI and IFTS’s team decided to organize a symposium for African Board of Directors in Kuala Lumpur. the initiative "SAIFI" was an attempt for French-speaking decision makers of financial institutions to better comprehend Islamic Finance and to inspire from the Malaysian success stories in such a field.

Previous Events (2017 - 2018)

Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with INCEIF and ICD

  • Hotel : Four Season - Tunisia
  • Date : 04/03/2018

1st  edition of SAIFI : Symposium of Board Of Directors Of  Financial Institutions :

  • Hotel Sheraton Kuala Lumpur Malaisie
  • Date : 12, 13, 14 February 2018

Previous Events (2016 - 2017)

Signature of a tripartite agreement with Zitouna Tamkeen and ISRA

  • Place : The head office of Zitouna Tamkeen

Cultural trip to Kuala Lumpur for students of ISET Rades :

  • Place : INCEIF – Malaisie Date : 10/01/2017  

Track records


  • Risk Mapping of Tunisian Insurance
  • Consolidation of data from 22 companies
  • Establishment of risk mapping according to the methodology of the World Bank
  • Preparation of the final report


  • Communication strategy
  • Development of an event website


  • Assistance in the compliance function
  • Assistance in implementing Islamic window
  • Procedure manual
  • Documentation
  • Product structuring
  • Governance system
  • Development of an ERP tool for SMEs
  • Stock management
  • Accounting
  • Recovery
  • Digital communication strategy


  • Digital communication strategy
  • Research and development
  • Assistance in the implementation and development of a new insurance product (Takaful)
  • Development of distribution channels
  • Diagnosis of the Compliance system at the organizational and procedural level
  • Choice of financial security tools in accordance with the regulations in force
  • Training of the Compliance team


  • Assistance with the implementation of an Islamic window
  • Diagnosis of the Compliance and Evaluation System:
    • Organizational and procedural
    • The completeness and relevance of existing tools
    • Mapping the risks of non-compliance


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